About Us

South-South News Inc., has closed its media operation and all other initiatives related to the Global Development Agenda.

South-South News is a 21st century media platform dedicated to covering the stories of global development from the United Nations, governments, the private sector, and civil society.

Launched in February 2010 during the Sixteenth Session of the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Committee on South-South Cooperation, South-South News works in close collaboration with the UN, specialized agencies, governments, businesses and civil society groups to advance the implementation and progress of the Millennium Development Goals.

In its news coverage, South-South News recognizes the importance of all stakeholders who participate in development work, as well as the essential role of the media in bringing the major issues to light. Using the latest digital media tools, targeted high-level interviews of leaders and development experts, and special coverage of important events from the United Nations system, public and private sectors, we disseminate news from around the world that contributes to a positive narrative about the global South not widely reported in mainstream media sources.   

We also shed light on the growing role of South-South and Triangular Cooperation as an effective tool in helping governments and institutions meet their development goals. In addition to its media work, South-South News helps facilitate public-private partnerships that promote and sustain South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

Our Vision

An era of globalization that has brought prosperity to some has also exacerbated social, economic and environmental challenges for others. Meanwhile, a rapidly changing media landscape is narrowing the public’s attention on limited stories with narratives that often neglect the human dimensions of poverty, inequality, conflict, and climate change.

We believe that a new narrative must be told – one that embraces the innovation, dynamism and diversity of the global South, while providing positive stories of global development, and always maintaining a stronger focus on sharing news in a way that celebrates the stakeholders who are making great strides in fighting against social, economic, and environmental problems.

The challenge of promoting sustainable development has seen governments harness new methods to scale up successes, most notably by partnering with the private sector in transformative ways. South-South News is a platform that will help facilitate the growing shape of public-private partnerships by recognizing key areas of success and sharing knowledge about best practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation.

We also recognize that the media can be a powerful tool in helping promote sustainable development. Around the world, there are organizations and people who are making progress on reducing poverty and helping drive sustainable development forward, and their stories should be told. South-South News is a platform to share those stories, and in the process, become a voice for the global South as it helps build a better future for all.