Fraud and Scam Alert

South-South News Inc., has closed its media operation and all other initiatives related to the Global Development Agenda.

South-South News Inc., owns the following domains and its emails only: .net/ .org/

South-South News takes all available measures to protect the integrity of our organization and its relationships with the public. However, despite our best efforts, it remains possible that fraudulent schemes may emerge from unscrupulous persons or groups claiming to be South-South News staff, representatives or consultants under our name. The substance of the scams vary, but they most frequently make requests for money or projects, or otherwise suggest signing special agreements with South-South News and its partners. The following are the most common types of fraudulent correspondence seen around the web.

A) Business propositions or projects

Business propositions take many forms, but the most common fraudulent correspondences purport to offer a business arrangement or partnership with South-South News through a third-party entity. Such “opportunities’” potentially solicit funds or investment into an account or similar entity. Please note that any correspondence related to partnerships or business will always be conducted through official and verifiable means, with contact information directly to the South-South News office for easy verification. 

South-South News uses consultants for specific purposes on varying initiatives, and are only hired to carry out that job. They do not represent the company in subjects outside the scope of their work. If you are being contacted by a consultant claiming to represent South-South News and are unsure of the validity, please contact us here as soon as possible (Contact Us).

B) Job Recruitment Scams

Job offers are made by fraudulent groups claiming to represent South-South News, its partners, or other private entities. These notifications claim to have found candidates based on their suitability and experience, and consequently solicit large sums of money for the position. Be aware that South-South News NEVER requires money for job applications. All applications for positions at South-South News are made directly through us, not through third-party groups, and never solicit funds. If you need to verify a communication regarding a job position and are unsure of its validity, please contact us here as soon as possible (Contact Us).

C) Prizes and Awards

South-South News is a co-organizer of an annual high-level awards gala, the South-South Awards. It is therefore possible to receive correspondence from South-South News alerting you or your organization to the Awards gala, or even as a recipient of an award itself. However, all such correspondence will be made through official channels with verifiable information directly to our offices. If in doubt, please contact us here as soon as possible (Contact Us) with the relevant information about you, your organization, or the nature of the correspondence.

To verify the identity of any person representing South-South News or the South-South Awards, or if you have specific concerns about the security of any correspondence containing information or arrangements from South-South News, please follow this link (Contact Us)