South-South News Inc., has closed its media operation and all other initiatives related to the Global Development Agenda.

www.southsouthnews.com was the home of the South-South News Portal. It consisted of more than 350 sources of syndicated content from all pillars of global development. These content streams were divided into 6 different sections: 1. The United Nations System, 2. South-South News, 3. Governments, 4. Intergovernmental Organizations, 5. Private Sector 6. Civil Society. The ~ 2. South-South News ~ section showcased all original content produced by the editorial and production teams from local and international events related to the UN Global Development Agenda and daily coverage of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. About 1300 pieces of original and syndicated content (written articles, photo galleries, and videos) were published every day. ~ The www.southsouthnews.com portal is now offline.

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